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Free blood test | Nabta Health 

Nabta needs you! Take part in an R&D study for Nabta Health and receive a free blood test to discover some important health insights, including vitamin D, B9 & B12 levels, and more.

Learn more about the study below...

When: This week at a time that suits you 

Where: Little Box Gym office

Click the button to sign up and fill out your preferred date and time for participating in the study.

Hello LBGymers!


As you know, apart from dedicating my life to health, fitness, and making people like you feel good, I am very passionate about my work. Together with my company, Nabta Health, we are progressing scientific and clinical research for women and their health. 


Our mission is to improve clinical outcomes for women by making the very best care more widely accessible by pioneering a solution called Hybrid Healthcare (HH)-seamlessly combining digital and traditional healthcare methods to provide affordable, cutting-edge healthcare for women. 


Some of our digital components include:

  • In-app fertility and menopause tracking

  • At-home device monitoring 

  • Virtual consultations

  • Artificially intelligent personal assistant

  • Virtual (at home) blood testing - this is where you come in! 


In order to ensure that we are using the most accurate products, we need to run a pilot study to compare two types of blood collection tubes which will enable you to receive and send your samples by post without compromise on its quality!


I'm looking to recruit 10 lovely women between the ages of 18-45 to take part in the pilot study. Note: This particular test is tailored towards women in their fertile window, but don't worry there will be others for general health and other age groups in the pipeline. Register your interest anyway and I will keep you posted. 


Why take part?


Not only will you be helping improve accessibility to healthcare, but you will also receive insights into your health.


Woah! Don't worry, I will provide you with a full private consultation to explain your results and any recommended actions you may need to take to optimise your health. 


Where, when, how?


Where: Little Box Gym

When: This week at a time that suits you! (Please let me know your preferred date and time when you sign up.)

How: the test will comprise of capillary blood drop collections from one or two of your fingertips. This means no big needles! 


Gents, this is a women-only study, sorry! Feel free to share this with your female friends and family though. 


If you're keen to participate or learn more, click on the 'TAKE PART' button to sign-up!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me on: 


Thank you!

Saba (AKA Drago, Sabatron etc!)